New Silicone Models from Piper Doll

Recently in Summer 2020, Piper Doll released a new line of Silicone-based sex dolls with a new Advanced Foam Core design. The new foam core design allows for the same robust, internal metal skeleton capable of posing the doll like the conventional EVO skeleton, but with a foam layer on top of this to reduce the amount of silicone used in the final design.

Why is This Important?

Two reasons, both which customers tell us they love:

1) Reduced Weight

The foam core replaces heavy, dense silicone resulting in a lighter weight doll that is easier to lift, post, move around and clean. This is the main factor first-time buyers complain about when they receive their first sex doll - WEIGHT! So a lighter weight design means a more efficient doll, and a better customer experience.

2) Lower Cost

By reducing the amount of raw silicone resin required to make the doll, the expensive premium silicone required is reduced - this savings is in turn passed on to the customer. A lighter doll also means a lighter price on the wallet when it comes to shipping, so you can expect these dolls to ship for a lower price (the shipping cost is normally built into the price of the doll itself).

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