What is consolidated shipping/ sea freight

You may have noticed that all of our custom dolls are available for purchase with three different shipping methods (see below). This article will give you a quick rundown on the differences of each, and help you choose which is best for you!

Three Shipping Options from Sex Doll Canada

Three Shipping Options from Sex Doll Canada


Standard Sex Doll Shipping

This is our most common option. Your doll is ordered from the factory in China, and before shipping to you in Canada, it arrives at SD Canada in Toronto for a QC inspection to make sure there are no unwelcome surprises when you open the box.

The doll is transported by air shipping, from China to Toronto, and there are 7-10 days of air shipping time built into our delivery date estimate (shown right above the "Add to Cart" button on every doll's page).

Delivery Timeline Estimate

However, most customers don't know or appreciate that there are hundreds of dollars of extra shipping cost built into the price of the doll! That's right, hundreds of dollars!

This is our default option because most customers find the wait for the doll long enough as is, and simply don't have the patience to wait a few extra weeks to save that shipping fee. However, if you consider yourself a cool cucumber, keep reading! Our consolidated freight option may be for you!


Want your Sex Doll Fast? We've Got you Covered!

This is our fastest shipping option, and the same (and only option) offered by our competitors. The doll in this case travels from air freight from the factory in China, direct to you! How convenient, we don't even have to handle your box!

Only at Sex Doll Canada, however, do we still cover the entire customs of customs, duties and importation on your behalf, and legally our company is the importer of record.

The only downside to this (and almost all customers aren't aware of this), up to 20% of orders come with some kind of deficiency or defect. This is an average based on all the dolls we inspect. This also ranges across suppliers, regardless of the price you pay for your doll, although some are better than others at order accuracy.

The most common minor deficiences we see on a daily basis are:

  • Incorrect wig packed in box
  • Incorrect eye colour
  • Missing accessories
  • Damage to the box
  • Internal damage due to customs inspection
  • ... and more (not including the major issues which are more rare)!

With this option, as we don't have the opportunity to inspect your doll before you receive it, while we will do our best to resolve issues if something is wrong once the doll is received by you, there are far fewer remedies available. We will do our best on a case by case basis. If you are part of that 20% of customers who find an unwanted surprise in the box, you will wish you selected a different shipping option, and so will we!

If you want to learn more about how rough air freight can be on a sex doll, just check out our article below:

Article: Damage Example during Air Freight and What We Can Do to Prevent It

Air Freight is Rough on Sex Dolls!


 Lowest Cost, Best Service on Sex Dolls

How often do you get the best service for the lowest price? Well, it turns out that while you will save hundreds of dollars with this shipping option, you will get the best service, but there is a cost. That cost is time.

This option will extend your delivery time by approximately one calendar month; however, you will probably be very glad you waited.

Here is why we're so excited about this new shipping option:

  • We Still Perform a QC Inspection, just like Standard Shipping
  • We see far less damage as your doll's box is not handled individually in transit
  • Your doll arrives palletized and shrink-wrapped, with many others
  • Best of all, we save the cost of air freight and share that benefit with you, our customer!

Here is how our consolidated freight arrives, at Sex Doll Canada's warehouse in Toronto:

 Safe and Slow is the Way to Go!

Safe and Slow is the Way to Go!

To choose this option, when customizing your doll, make sure to click "Best Price (Consolidated Freight)", and then buckle while you wait for your new doll to arrive in top shape!

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