How to clean a TPE sex doll

Cleaning a sex doll for the first time can be a challenging activity for the inexperienced but sit back and relax, we'll try to make it easier! Cleaning the inner cavities of the doll requires some simple ingredients:

1) Anti-microbial soap, such as what we sell or what you will find at a local pharmacy

2) Irrigating douche, to create water pressure and get the cleaning solution into all the internal crevices

3) Drying time with air circulation, and this last one is just as important as the other two

Lets get it on!

This soap is unique because you can use it in combination with the vagina irrigation tool to create a cleaning solution within the model that prevents molding, cleans dirt, get out lube / sperm mix and more!

Now on top of that this can also be safely used as a cleaner for the rest of the models body.  The best way to do this is with a spray bottle, set it to mist if possible. You want to fill that spray bottle with water and a bit of soap, spray than go over that part gently with a sponge or a cloth.  Make sure to get the front and the back of the body than dry with a microfiber towel.  Normal terry cloth towels may cause micro scratches on the doll skin.  After which please be sure to apply some replenishing powder (found within our Premium Care Kit), or corn starch / baby powder to get rid of the tacky feel. 

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