How to Avoid Online Scams

At Sex Doll Canada, we hear from customers  Almost Every Single Day regarding a request to price match an "unbelievable deal" from a "legit supplier" of sex dolls. Invariably, most of these competitive sites are online scams that put a lot of effort into looking like a real operation.

What is the best way to spot a fake? Here are some tips:

1. Are they Doll Forum Listed & Approved?

Are they listed on the single largest forum for Sex Doll manufacturers, vendors and hobbiests / users? Check the list below. If they aren't listed, you need to ask yourself why not? If they are a real business selling original & authentic sex dolls, they will have invested in supporting this forum.

Are they registered? Check below:

Have they been "kicked out" or "banned" from selling on Doll Forum? Check below:

2. Is it easy to reach them and ask questions?

You should be able to either call them, or speak to a representative who will help you with the buying process. If they are pushy or trying to "close you", ask yourself why they are in such a rush?

3. Are their prices considerably lower than other retailers?

Of course, EVERYONE wants to get the best deal possible. This is natural. But - if something is 10%, 20% or even less expensive than any Doll Forum listed website, why do you think that is?

You could either be buying a blowup doll that is being advertised as a real genuine TPE or silicone sex doll, or buying an empty box. These scams are not uncommon. Or, you may receive nothing at all.

4. What is their legal operating name, and operating address?

Will they answer this question if asked? Or, do they avoid the question? If so, what is there to hide if they are a legitimate business? Many websites do operate online only and don't have physical locations, so this doesn't necessarily mean they are a fake - but they do have to have a registered business address if they are a real business.

5. Do they have REAL reviews?

Firstly, how do you know if reviews are real? We personally have reviews on Doll Forum, on a third-party managed platform called Yotpo, and on TrustPilot - and if you click on our reviews you will be able to see them and read them. And, there are always NEW reviews coming almost daily.

We have seen banners that look like real reviews only to find when you click on the reviews, it just takes you back to the home page! Very convincing looking though!

6. Do they have other websites that are disguised as an alternate "Doll Forum", "Doll Review" or other "Fake Reviews" that just promote their own business?

This is a great trick too! And some of these websites operate inside Canada! Instead of getting real reviews on Doll Forum, we have seen some websites make up their own "Review Forums" and other websites that all lead you back to the same company! Does that sound legitimate to you?

7. Do they have little information, or incorrect technical information on the dolls, or errors in spelling the word "Silicone" (which is very different than "Silicon")? Or, maybe they don't even tell you who makes the dolls?

Lots of websites don't offer customization, don't have the correct customization, or don't list who makes them. They also promise "Rapid Delivery" on a custom doll that takes at least one week to manufacture and then needs to ship from China and clear customs / importation. All of these are red flags!

A few customers recently agreed to share their experiences with us and allow us to post it on our website.

Feel free to read below and, perhaps learn something from their experience:

I’ve been debating on purchasing a doll for about 6 weeks now. Checked out all the websites and thought I did my research however, trying to save a little cash on my purchase I came across intimate********.com site looks totally legit, read the reviews and placed an order. I received an invoice for specified doll for$1011. Never received tracking number within the 48hrs time stated on the site. I tried confirmation via online chat and emailed customer service. I have never got a response.

Don't think you would fall for that one? Here's another popular gimmick that customers have fallen for:

So I a few months ago I was shopping on your website and found a better price on ebay, which I figured has lots of protection for buyers, plus it goes on my credit card which should be covered. The photos were identical to the ones on your site but the price was almost $500 less. So I bought from a buyer who had a pretty good rating of over 90% but not too many sales. It has been three months and I didn't receive a god damn thing! No emails now and the seller is gone . So I guess I was fooled. Is there any way you can help me?

Of course yes, we did help this customer by offering a small discount. But what an expensive lesson for them to learn!

Here are three additional tips we can give you to close this out, all which are simply free advice:

1. Trust your instincts. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is!

2. Don't rush. If it is much cheaper than what you see on the reputable websites like ours, or you feel like someone is in a hurry to get your business, just take a break. Wait another day or so and don't let the excitement of your purchase, or your desire to save a few hundred dollars, make the decision for you. It could be a costly mistake.

3. Research, research, research! Spend the time and register on, and ask around. Other buyers will help you, as many of them got taken for scams before themselves. When people who don't stand to gain $1 are telling you to stay away from a particular website, or to stick to some sites that you think are maybe a little more expensive, you should consider that advice.

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