5 Tricks on How to keep a Wig on a Doll

Congrats on getting your new beauty! With the new model you have comes new hair styles, want to keep them looking sexy and ready to go?  Check out these 5 tricks on how to keep a wig on a doll!

1. Have doll in standing position leaning against a wall, or yourself.

2. Use your hands to feel by the back of the wigs hair which is behind the hair net.You are looking for a small plastic strap fastener. 

3. Once found detach the small plastic strap fastener by pushing down on the two parts in the middle which releases the hold the wig so you can fit it on the head. 

4. Slowly start to place the wig. Be cautious when applying the wig. Always use a wig liner, or wig cap, to prevent the wig mesh from coming in contact with TPE skin - especially if the wig mesh is dark coloured.

Hint!  - Brush moderately to keep hair looking neat

5. Connect the small plastic strap fastener to the head.  

Follow these easy steps and soon you will be putting on and removing their wigs with no worries. Here is another article on our site that may come in helpful:


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