How to Repair a Nail

OMG did you break a nail off of one of your beautiful, perfect models?  Never fear we are hear to help!  So the first step is to gather the fallen piece. Next you are going to want to put that piece on with some super glue (cyanoacrylate) that you may have. 

The trick here is the amount of super glue your using.  The nail itself isn't that large so you really only need a tiny bit - that is only 1-2 mm in diameter of the dab of glue.

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The major issues with most of the attempts people have centers around the amounts once again so please just think "the less the better" and then apply and have that piece held down until it dries and stays in place.  Times may vary depending on the case by case situation. 

This same rule applies for; eyelashes, fingers or toenails that may have detached during "private moments".

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