Do I get factory photos before the doll is shipped?

The quick answer is YES

My answer is YES too ;)

Our customers always know exactly what they're going to get, so there are no surprises! For any custom-ordered sex dolls, we send factory photographs of the doll BEFORE it ships to us in Toronto. You will be ASKED TO CONFIRM these photos to ensure that your expectations are met.

Then, once the doll is received by us in Toronto (unless you have request that it is drop-shipped directly), we send additional photographs (untouched) so you know exactly what you're getting!

The whole process to get your factory photos depends solely on what type of model your getting.  Is it a TPE?  If so it typically takes 7-8 business days.  Is it a Silicone?  If so nice taste!  In addition it takes approximately 2-3 weeks to get these photos as it takes longer in processing. 

Need more assistance?  Send us an email or chat with us live so we can help asap! 

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