How to Store a Sex Doll

There are a few choices doll lovers have when it comes to storing what is valued most.  The best is to have the doll laying horizontal, in a cool or room-temperature setting (but not freezing), but soft padding or memory foam under the areas laying flat contacting the box. Even then, you have to periodically move your doll around - as they don't like to lay on their backs without receiving some attention for months and months!

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One of the most important things to consider when storing your sex doll is:

  • Like a vehicle, it is best to occasionally move your doll around and change positions. Otherwise, internal parts may become stiff or the stress / strain may concentrate and gravity will pull on the TPE or silicone.
  • When not in use, have the doll positioned in a neutral position, that is the same way it came in the box.
  • Hanging or even standing for long periods of time isn't the best, although it is perfectly fine for days or perhaps a few weeks at a time. Just make sure to take the stress / strain off the TPE or silicone occasionally by allowing the doll to rest horizontally periodically for the same amount of time the doll is hanging.
  • When the doll is laying flat, make sure to put memory foam or very soft padding under the areas resting in the box - this ensures your doll will not develop flat spots

Dolls left hanging for a long time may end up looking like this, so be careful to give your doll some occasional exercise!

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