What sales taxes are charged and why?

International Shipments (outside of Canada):
Currently, Sex Doll Canada does not charge any sales tax to shipping destinations outside of Canada; however, we also don't directly import or assist with customs clearance or payment of duties in US, EU, UK or Australia either. We do have a customs clearance subsidy for these customers, though, if you are charged when clearing your order (please contact us!).

Domestic Shipments (within Canada):
Sex Doll Canada manages the import of all our Canadian sales, including the payment of brokerage fees, duties and HST / import tax. This is true for our Standard Shipping orders, and our Expedite / Dropship orders as well.

As Sex Doll Canada is a Canadian corporation physically located in Toronto, which currently direct markets and advertises across Canada with regional targeting, we are legally obliged to enroll, collect and remit both HST and QST / TVQ (in Quebec). Sex Doll Canada is no longer required to collect or remit PST in other provinces. While some other fly by night or "mom and pop" companies may not legally collect sales tax to avoid a competitive disadvantage, they risk their business in doing so and thus are not sustainable.When you buy from Sex Doll Canada, you know that your privacy and discretion are always handled professionally and you can count on the pre- and post-sales support from a company that will be here in the long run!

Here is a summary of our sales tax rates, based on the shipping destination, across Canada:

Please contact us for our provincial tax registration numbers, where we are enrolled and remit tax. Our federal GST / HST Number:  770190890 RT0001.

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