Does my Doll Head Come with the Doll Wig in the Photo?

When trying to select something online we as buyers always want to know, "Am I getting what I am looking at here" which is a fair question to ask.   To be specific we have been asked, does my doll head come with the doll wig in the photo a few times and decided this may actually help our visiting online audience here.  

Figure 1

So right now that above photo shows that the default head would be selected for the model.  

This photo above shows that the default wig would be selected for the model.  

If you would like to switch the head or the wig you can do that by just selecting another wig or head here.  The wig you select under the Wig section will only give you the wig and NOT the head with it. 

The head you select will come with the head only and NOT the wig with it.  

If you would like the wig as it is shown in photo and the head then you would leave it as a default selection so it's Just Like The Photo. Please note that in some cases, the wig shown in the doll's photo may not be available. If this is the case, you may notice the difference in the factory photos and will be asked to select another wig. This is because, during the photoshoot, the photographer has the artistic liberty to add on after-market wigs to make the doll look better - the same with the clothes the dolls are wearing in the photos. We don't have access to purchase these, but will always do our best. If you would like us to source a wig from our dozens of wig suppliers, based on a photo, please let us know and purchase the Custom Doll Wig service.

Need more help?  Send us an email or better yet chat with us so we can help you asap. 

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