What make-up will my doll come with?

Regarding make-up, the heads on dolls will have semi-permanent make-up applied when you receive them. It is resistant to water and touching and light wear, but most of the make-up eventually come off with normal cleaning (with the exception of any permanent make-up advertised as such and silicone models).

When you doll arrives and when you receive factory photos of your doll, even though every effort is made by the factory make-up artists to re-create the make-up done by the photographer during the photo session, it is not guaranteed to match 100%. In the rare event that you want to see additional touch-ups compared to the factory photos, you can simply remove the makeup that comes with your doll with makeup remover once you receive it and re-apply make-up to your own personal preference. Or, you can contact us regarding our Professional Makeover services (by special request). Keep in mind that the term make-up applies not only to the face, but all areas that receive make-up, including the nipples / areola, labia, and more. 

Also - no two doll heads may be reproduced exactly as make-up is applied by human make-up artists, each which may have their own slight artistic touch.

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