Are We Discreet About Our Shipments?

Many who are ordering adult products online from anywhere want to know what the package will look like when it arrives.  We understand how critical discretion is! Here at Sex Doll Canada we not only understand that speed and discretion are important we emphasize it on how we ship. 

Not only do the models that we ship get quality control inspected to make sure that our clients are getting EXACTLY what they have ordered but we also even perform quality control on the boxes.  Now this is only available for those of us who have selected the "standard" shipping option since that is the only option that allows us at SDC to take a look at the model, make sure all the items are in the box/case and send it out to you with a tracking number for your reference.  

If you choose that standard option, before/during/after the doll inspection we also make sure the box isn't damaged and is able to make the journey no matter where you are in Canada / USA.  The next step is to actually make sure there are no other stickers, labels or anything else that could indicate what is in the box.  Our team takes pride in making sure that our clients are treated the upmost respect and professionalism. 

Would you like to know more about our inspection or have any questions regarding that or something else?  Please send us an email or better yet get in touch with us via chat so we can answer your questions immediately. 

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