What is the $75 Dollar difference?

Have you ever wanted to get a sex doll from sexdollcanada.com and you end up seeing a a $75 dollar hike in price?  What is the $75 dollar difference really?  Let's take you through some of these burning questions with an easy example.  So you are searching for the perfect model and you finally find them!  The price, model, picture and short description are all clearly labeled (please see below) : 

However when you click on the model their price jumps to $75 higher! 

The actual answer to the mystery is much more simple than you think and it has to do a lot with our shipping standards.  A large majority of our clients have loved the service we have offered them while using the standard delivery service which includes the doll coming to our Toronto location and us giving the doll a quality control inspection including ridding the box of labels and adding to the discreetness of the package, and as such that service includes a $75 fee for the additional domestic shipping in Canada (from our Toronto warehouse anywhere in Canada), and includes our QC inspection.  If you would like to receive the doll directly from China (not available for In-Stock products), or are located outside of Canada, then you should select drop-shipping as an option (please see below) and you will see the $75 price reduction. 

By clicking the Expedite / Dropship (Save $75 - Fastest) it will drop the subtotal back to the first image in the photo.  Based on our amazing reviews we are under the assumption that our clients have loved our customer services, attention to detail and discreet shipping and that's why the standard shipping for $75 is pre-selected on our product page. 

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