How to Clean doll clothes

Want to keep her looking like Bey-once or him looking like James Bond? It's all in the appearance and here at SDC we know how important the appearance really is.  So the question remains; how do you firstly choose, and then clean the doll clothes properly?  Let us guide you through this! 

Choosing Doll Clothes

Firstly, we always recommend to start with easy to put on garments, such as those with side ties and stretchy material. Stay away from high heel shoes and denim until you have some experience under your belt. We also recommend not buying any clothes until you have received your doll, as we can't guarantee any sizing or fitting information.

Washing / Cleaning Before Using

1. What you may not know is that new clothes may actually stain the dolls skin especially darker colors. (if so click here to get stain removal cream)

2. The key factor here is a usable sink. You need a sink so you can wash the clothes by hand with water. The trick here is rinsing out the water from the clothes until the " water looks clear".  All that means is that the chance of getting that doll dirty again from those same clothes has decreased dramatically!

3. Dry the Clothing by waiting it out! All good things take time.

4. After the clothing is dry you can dress the doll and make them look sexy and fashionable! 

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