How to Remove Stains on TPE

Tried on a new piece of clothing, or put on a wig with a black wig mesh and now you have a stain you cannot remove?  Been there, done that, and we have the solution to boot!

Here are two helpful way that we have to get rid of some of the stains of these beautiful TPE models.

1. Stain Removal Wipes

These are medium- to aggressive-strength wipes that have a special solvent in the wipe that will help the skin release whatever pigment(s) are locked in the TPE itself. We recommend using this as a resort for anything that isn't too severe, or if there is a large area to cover. Multiple applications may be necessary.

2. Stain Removal CreamIf the TPE is stained deep, due to a fabric or wig stain, then it may be too late for the stain removal wipes which just act on the surface. Instead, try the strain removal cream which gets applied directly on top of the stained area(s), allowed to dry and can then be wiped off. Multiple applications may be necessary.

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A Must Have!

The stains that do not get removed from our TPE Stain Removal Wipes can be dealt with by applying a small amount of this cream to the area softly then gently and smoothly rubbing it on the area.  What this amazing cream does is just as advertised but only after you've applied it and given in time to dry.  After which remove the cream with a soft cloth and warm water.   It may need the cream again and we can't guarantee it will remove ALL stains but it is extremely powerful and results are remarkable. 

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