How to clean holes

There are some techniques people across the industry use to clean out those not-so-easy to reach places. We want to introduce you to some of those techniques here. 

Douche / Irrigation

How this works is simple, it's basically a hand held water pump you insert into the orifices used during sex and soak it all out. Make sure to use anti-bacterial soap with warm water for best results. It then needs time to dry after being soaked like that and this is where having air circulation is needed.

Drying Techniques

Drying is just as important as the cleaning itself, as bacterial growth requires moisture, heat and time. Some have had positive results an aquarium pump and a light gentle breeze using a tube, and others have also commented positively on using a tampon.  Now I know what you may be thinking here; "A tampon? Really?" and the answer is a big YES; however, don't forget it in for a long period of time or else it may promote mold / bacterial growth. Replenishing powder is also a great option for absorbing remaining moisture, and excess powder will just fall off / fall out - this is probably the easiest method.

How much cleaning solution do you use?

The  rule of thumb here is a minimum of two complete irrigators full of solution (warm water with anti-bacterial soap) for the vagina, two for the anus and one for the mouth. There's typically more space and more action happening around the vagina and anus than there is the mouth hence the need for more cleaning fluid. If using tampons to dry, use the same rule of thumb - two tampons again for the vagina and anus, and one for the mouth. If using tampons, you must remove the tampons after a few minutes of drying. 


Place the tampons under each other so they fit.  

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