3 Things never to use on a sex doll

Imagine your dream model is like a party and there are "people" that you want to bring to the party like lube, that are on the list and three specific people who should never be on your list to bring to the party.  Here at SDC we would like to present, the TPE-Harmful-Three!

Check me out ;)

1. Vegetable Oil

Just to be clear, we do not think you are going to cook the model. Let's think of Coconut smelling body soaps, or any Fruity oil body soap really, they all have the same issue.  They do not allow the TPE's skin to do what it does best and breathe, as a matter of fact those soaps actually seal the skin itself which spells trouble in the long run.  As the sealed skin then leads to further issues down the road that would not be considered a manufacturers' defaults. 

2. Alcohol / Solvents

Alcohol is a tricky one to be wary of when trying to clean the models skin as it can lead to TPE skin damage.  Before we get into that as a leader in our industry who thinks with our clients in mind first we would strongly recommend getting our tried and true products here if you are trying to clean or maintain your model.

That being said, please be on the look out for disinfection wipes, sprays, toy cleaners not meant for TPE, etc. as they can all create what are called "micro-cuts" on the TPE of the skin which may cause damage.

3. Silicone Oil

Silicone oil can be a silly oil indeed when it comes to what it does to TPE skin. As all TPE formulas are different depending on the manufacturer, it is hard to say how each will react. Silicone oil mixed with spermicide usually is found on wet condoms and what it does is hardens the skin similar to what a burn would do to us but the process happens over time. We have also found that a shrinking effect can happen as well which is a costly mistake to happen. 

We urge you to stay away from those three and once again if you need some sort of cleaning material best to get it from the same place you got the model from in the first place, us!  Click here for more. 

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