Can I Paint my Doll's Finger or Toe Nails?

Some of us do not want the models to have the best dolls in the world.  Something that is ideal to our imaginations but still quaint in practicality.  When receiving our dolls, we understand changing a wig or even fixing an eyelash as cosmetics is part of the journey but what about nails?  Toenail and fingernail colors specifically, can they be changed for a different color perhaps?  

The questions are practical and from time to time, these questions come about from new clients and the answer is : yes.  You can definitely change the color as the nails are made of plastic.  

Moreover, if you want to remove the toenails/fingernails on your doll, the best technique is to slowly and carefully pull them off, and if you see TPE stretching you can snip small areas. Then reapply new nails with super glue / Krazy glue (cyanoacrylate).

The caution is as follows

"  Do NOT use nail polish remover on TPE! It contains acetone which can harm your doll. If you paint the nails be very careful not to get any paint or remover on the fingers."  

That being said it is extremely important to recognize the dangers of acetone to TPE and how it can damage the material.  If it is necessary to change the nail color then please attempt but with mandatory caution as it can affect the doll.  

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